Monday, September 20, 2010

May 14, 1977 - I Survived!

The person driving this car, my old friend Charlie Koff, just came across these photos and shared them with me. I still can't believe either of us lived through this. Shit, seeing these again, I can't believe it more *now* than I did back then.

The car below is a '76 Dodge Colt. We were hit head-on by a drunk in a Monte Carlo at 120 mph (we were doing 40, the guy in the big car donated 80).

Dodge Colt After Head-On Collision

Front View of Dodge Colt After Head-On Collision

I had been seventeen for three days when this happened.


Shadymutton / Terri said...

WOW. Amazing that you're here to tell the story! Especially since few people wore seatbelts, there were no airbags...
This is proof there you have purpose here... thats for sure.
Makes a person re-evaluate alot of things when THIS reality looks right at you.
Thanks for sharing~

SMS said...

Neither of us were wearing seatbelts. I don't think the asshole drunk in the Monte Carlo was either. He, of course, walked away from it. We didn't, especially not Charlie. Charlie was in a coma for three days.