Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hittin' Da Big Time!

I am having a hard time deciding if this was way too much fun or way too much of a time waster but either way, I entirely blame The Bloggess for this mess (@TheBloggess on Twitter). I suggest you do the same. (You needn't mention my name to her however... this woman actually has her own army. Literally).

So anyway, apparently after ten years of exceptional hair jewelry artistry, I've finally done a global advertising campaign for LongLocks. Nevermind that I used the same ol' tired promo photo I always use, go with what works I always say.

And my personal fav, in my own sorta twisted way...

You can waste your own damn time over at Photofunia. Just remember when you get roped in, it's The Bloggess you blame.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Addictive, right?

Susan Maxwell Schmidt said...

Oh man, I spent HOURS screwing around with this shit. YOUR FAULT.