Saturday, October 3, 2009

This is Gonna be Paaaaainful... in More Ways Than One!

OK, so hubby is finally putting up the greenhouse we bought *months* ago. It's supposed to take two people one day to assemble. Since as we discussed earlier, I don't "do," I "point," I figure it should take one person 2-2.5 days to assemble. Sounds reasonable to me. Hubby has five days (three of which were taken as vacation time specifically for this project) and I'm takin' bets. And I should state here that hubby doesn't *want* me to help. On that, we agree.

First and foremost... do I call the medics and have them on standby? R came back into the house after about 30 seconds of working on the thing with a slice in his finger. Nevermind he bought gloves for the project Thursday night. New gloves because he can't find the old gloves. I kissed it and sent him back outside but that's not going to suffice if he amputates something.

And why is this the most major thing I have to report? Because he was supposed to have all the supplies to do this weeks ago. Au contraire. R didn't go to Home Depot until Thursday night. Friday was *entirely* spent going back and forth to Home Depot (in Delaware, no less), to pick up what he couldn't haul Thursday night. It's now well into day two, and he's still putting in the paver floor. No actual greenhouse has yet to be assembled. In fact, I don't even think any pavers have actually been set yet, he's still leveling the "huge" 8 x 6 area.

So far today he's been in to show me his "boo," complain about his muscles from unloading the pavers from the truck yesterday, to assemble a rake (which for some reason had to be assembled in the *bedroom*), to "take a short break," and to tell me about his future plans for the patio area... a project that will take place several years down the road (after the waterfall and edge of the pond he started building four years ago finally gets finished). By the way, he started work at 2:00pm, 1 1/4 hours after he got his ass outta bed. At least he rushed right out there to make up for all the lost time. And yes, for R that IS rushing.

And lest you think I'm just sitting on my own ass... I am. But I also happen to be sitting on my ass *working.* I've been sitting on my ass working since noon, when I got up. I went to sleep at 9am after I finished working last night (*my* last night). Don't give me no crap.

I'll keep ya posted. Either I end up with a greenhouse or a divorce. It's a win/win.

Oooooh, wait!! I think I hear sand!!! Ground must be level. It's 6:36pm Saturday. It's dusk. Will the pavers get set? Will Richard live another day? Will we stay married? Tune in tomorrow for another episode of "Generally Inhospitable" to find out!

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