Monday, March 23, 2009

Better. Better Bring a Bucket List.... with apologies to Monty Python

Plinky asks what the top five items are on my bucket list... soooooo easy.

Go to Venice
It's sinking and I want to eat up some of that yummy food and sock away several bottles of fine Italian wine to help them lighten up the place. Buoyancy is good.

Have hair to my knees
I was "Twiggified" as a child. This can have serious and lasting detrimental effects on a gurl,* which resulted in such a complex that I ended up making my fortune designing hair jewelry specifically for long hair; however, even *I* have my length limits. I say I want hair to my knees but every time it reaches the bottom of my butt (what is known as "Classic Length" in the hair biz... can you believe we have our own terms for this stuff?), I wuss and get several inches cut off. Why? Because hair to your butt is a pain in the ass (pun intended). It involves such lovely consequences as snapping your head back when you go through a screen door and your hair does not; suffering the embarrassment of people running up to you at stoplights to let you know your hair is hanging out the car door; becoming a way-fun chew toy for the dogs at any opportunity; and actually getting in the way when you have to do anything that involves said butt (yup, went there). My tolerance level is not that high.

*You can read all about my deep-rooted (pun intended), hair obsession here.

Own all the Bichons
I have four. I want them ALL. Gimme.

"Look what followed me home Sweetie! Can I keep all eight million of 'em???"

Have George Perrier come to my house and cook a gourmet meal just for us
He'd have to clean up his mess, tho. I'm just sayin'.

Ride the Batman rollercoaster
I took my Sweetie to Great Adventure for his birthday several years ago. Little did I know I was married to a "Coaster Wuss." I had this great plan to start out on the little coasters and work our way up to what was my own personal goal, "Batman." By the time we got to "Rolling Thunder," third on our list of oh, about 472 coasters, I could tell by the strange whimpering sounds emanating from my husband that I wasn't going to get too far. When the train on the neighboring track got stuck at the top of the hill and we were stopped a hundred yards or so from the station, I decided now would be a good time to torture hubby and tell him that we would have to go around again to get the other train down. You might say he was less than thrilled with the idea (mothers hurriedly slapped hands over children's ears and gave my husband menacing looks). Needless to say I got to stand on the ground and look longingly at the terrified faces of those lucky enough to get their sweeties on Batman.

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