Thursday, March 19, 2009

How do I Vice Me? Let Me Count the Ways...

Glass of Red Wine with Cork by TheBusyBrain

1. I smoke. I love to smoke. BACK OFF BUCKO!
2. I indulge in good red wine on an almost-daily basis
3. I live on gourmet food and cook with such good-for-you ingredients as butter and heavy whipping cream. I am known to celebrate "Tuesday" with prime rib and black truffle pasta
4. I swear constantly. With elan.
5. I spend way too much money on precious gems, shoes and handbags. And art glass beads, but those are tax deductible. It's called "justification."
6. My hip-length hair is my fortune and I spend a fortune on it (say it again, "justification")
7. Blake Shelton. I am not exactly a country music fan, but I am definitely a Blake Shelton fan. The man is the most gorgeous thing to ever walk the face of the earth. Extreme yumminess. And my husband is so cute when he's jealous (not that I would take advantage of my obsession to drive him nuts or anything, no... would *never* do that). Is it okay if I drool?
8. CNN. All the time. Even when Rick or Wolf (but generally not Larry) are on. "Happening NOWWW..."
9. I Plink or blog when I should be working

What would make me give up my vices? Are you kidding? I *live* for my vices and have absolutely no intention of giving up a single one. Nope, my plan (should I begin to believe in such nonsense) is to slide feet first through the pearly gates with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of Banfi Cum Laude in the other, hair tousled and feet adorned in my favorite Marc Jacobs boots, exclaiming "Man, WHAT a FUCKIN' ride! Where's the foie gras???"

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