Wednesday, March 4, 2009

White Shows Dirt

I actually posted this in my forum on LongLocks a couplefew years ago, but since my puppies were groomed today and they will actually look like the top pic for five minutes or so, I was reminded of it and inspired to share it with Reality Check readers as well.

Bichon Frise. Small fluffy dogs that are commonly referred to as "walking stuffed animals," almost unbearably cute. Perennial favorites at national dog shows and fabulous pets that shed hardly at all. A French breed, they are recognized by their pristine white coat, manicured appearance, and are even known to take pride in their "do" when freshly groomed.

This is what a bichon is SUPPOSED to look like:

But does my angel, my tiny Petunia, my sweet little baby, look like this?

Of course not. Or as the French would say, au contraire.


THIS is MY bichon:

Mud? What mud? There's mud?

Yup. Soooooooo mine.

[additional sighing]


Shay said...

awwwwww your pup is SO cute!!

Susan Maxwell Schmidt said...

She's actually cuter CLEAN!