Monday, March 9, 2009

YOU are Gonna Give ME Advice??

I don't know what it's about or the context in which it will be presented, but two seconds ago I saw a teaser on CNN about a story in which Hillary Clinton is going to talk about "falling in love." Can you imagine? I mean c'mon Hillary, I love Bill too, but I'm not married to him so it's okay that *I* love him. You on the other hand, should have conducted some exceedingly slow surgery with the use of a butter knife, lemon juice and a whole lotta salt, then asked sarcastically if he wants you to "kiss the boo boo." Then YOU would have gotten my vote (not that I'm complainin').


rschmidt said...

"I repeat... I did not have sex with that salmon." - Bill Clinton

Susan Maxwell Schmidt said...

Not *that* salmon.