Monday, March 2, 2009

Random, Meaningless Thoughts of Absolutely no Importance to Anyone

Who came up with the idea that grinding up horse hooves and connective tissue, throwing some food coloring and flavoring in, and then marketing it to the world as Jell-O would be a good idea? I mean, I'm all for eating big slabs of rare, red meat (show it a book of matches, bring it to the table) but this goes far beyond the call of carnivorous duty. Whose mind actually *went* there and who's the marketing genius who made this an acceptable, much-loved staple of the American diet? How the hell did that ever happen? It boggles the mind.

I want Rush Limbaugh to succeed. Rush rocks my world. You keep doing what you're doing Rush, the liberal thinkers of the nation are eternally indebted to you and your constitutional right to effectively divide the Republican party and create conservative chaos. You go dude, I got yer back! Rock on! Please, please rock on!

You do realize that nothing *really* matters, right? We're smaller than a nanospeck of dust hurtling through space on a marginally larger nanospeck of dust, among a galaxy of nanospecks, among a universe of billions and billions of nanospecks. Eat what you want. Really, it's okay.

Reality is relative.

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Michael said...

When the comedian/drug addict Rush Limbaugh, the "de facto head" of the Republican Party, says on his program that Michael Steele is only the head of the RNC, not the Republican Party, and tells him he should stay behind the scenes (true, Michael Steele has become a media whore), and then Michael Steele apologizes for any disrespect he might have cast upon El Rushbo- well, I could not write a situation comedy better than this.